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New Projects Online


Added some New Projects to the Portfolio

January was a very busy month. Now i added quick views about the projects. Just click the portfolio section of the website.

#Styleframe #Kickertable Project

Here is one of the first renderings of the finished model of the kicker table. It´s completely  true to scale.

#personal project #Table Kicker Spot

I think  it will be a 30 second trailer, made in blender and after effects. It´s a project to connect two of my hundret favorit […]

#actual production #information film for a cruiseship

Yes, another cruiseship film. Now i´m editing and making some motion designs about the beautiful locations at the ship.

#actual production #advertising spot for a luxury cruiseliner

Actual in production is a series of spots for a luxury cruiseliner. For this case i use color grading in davinci resolve and composting features […]